Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gavin Rossdale

Yes, I already posted Gavin's current read in October here, but he's reading something else now. As you probably are, too. I think it makes him even more appealing that he's a reader!

Gavin Rossdale is the lead singer of rock band Bush. He's a swoon-worthy frontman, and last week I asked him about reading again.

Gavin recently finished Just Kids by Patti Smith. He tweeted that it is a"gorgeous memoir of love and art."

I also asked Gavin if he reads traditional paper books or with an ereader.

He tweeted, "Happy with both. It's the words that count...nice to sit with a good book though."

I have to agree!

You can follow Rossdale on Twitter.
You can find out more about Bush at www.bushofficial.com. They are touring worldwide in February with Evanescence, and the U.S. tour with Nickelback starts in April.
Photo by me.


Susan Fields said...

I definitely think it makes him more appealing that he's a reader! That's one thing I really love about your blog - I love finding out that all these famous people are readers, it makes me like them even more!

Jonathon Arntson said...

Great inspiration!

Christina Lee said...

Oooooh, hello, Gavin!! Did you say something about books (heh heh)?

julie fedderson said...

Love Gavin Rossdale, and that Patti Smith book is on my TBR list. Glad to know it now has a celeb endorsement!

Sell WoW Account said...

that is really cool!

DEZMOND said...

nice to hear he's a reader!

nutschell said...

Love gavin rossdale. Love him even more now that i know he loves to read!


Denise said...

Oh Gavin.