Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison is on your TV. The beautiful actress from Illinois currently portrays Emma on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Before that, she played Ted's love interest and rival in How I Met Your Mother and as Allison on House. Jennifer also played Winona Kirk in Star Trek in 2009. New episodes of Once Upon a Time start again on Sunday March 9.

What is Jennifer Morrison's favorite book?

According to the December 12, 2011 issue of Us Weekly, Jennifer's favorite book is a tie between THE GREAT GATSBY and EAST OF EDEN.  Also according to Us Weekly, Jennifer's costar Ginnifer Goodwin gifted Jennifer the complete works of Grimm's Fairy Tales five years before they starred together in Once Upon a Time!

Jennifer's "Book of the Week" on her Facebook page in mid-February was SUSAN SONTAG: THE COMPLETE ROLLING STONE INTERVIEW written by Jonathan Cott.

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DEZMOND said...

ooh, and I have EAST OF EDEN update today at HOLLYWOOD SPY :)
Loved her in ONCE UPON but I stopped watching after first season when it got deeply boring

DiscConnected said...

I onl know her from the ST film (I always thought that was the actress that's in "The Americans") but found her favorite book choices interesting.

Here I thought young people only read vampire romances...