Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Al Yankovic

Photo from @alyankovic

Weird Al has entertained us for over thirty years with his clever parodies and books. Some favorites include "Eat It," "Smells Like Nirvana," and "Perform This Way." Yankovic also pens original material on his many albums. He is an author of two children's books: When I Grow Up and My New Teacher and Me. Yes, I've seen him in concert, and yes, I even own one of  his books!

What is Al Yankovic reading?

Al tweeted this week, "Really enjoying @bjnovak’s book “One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories.” The stories are just okay, but the OTHER stories are amazing!"

You can check out Al's website, and follow him on Twitter.

Enjoy one of my faves.


DEZMOND said...

he looks young in those pics... I thought he was like 100 or something :)

DiscConnected said...

At the start, I resisted Weird Al because there was a local Philly guy (Big Daddy Graham) who did the same kind of thing but did not make it from local act to the national stage.

But Al won me over with "Like A Surgeon."

And he kept coming up with funny parodies for thirty years.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Al looks really good for his age, which is just a few years older than me. Still have Another One Rides The Bus on 45 somewhere.