Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Josh Todd

Josh Todd is a rocker, a reader, an actor, and an entrepreneur. Josh is the lead singer of Buckcherry, sometime actor (see reel clip below), and he now has his own product line called Spraygun War. You know Buckcherry's songs like "Sorry," "Gluttony," and that "Crazy B" one. I just saw Buckcherry for the 10th time a few days ago. Always amazing live. Check out tour dates HERE.

What is Josh Todd reading?

The other day Josh tweeted, "Finished The book Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King (couldn't put it down) would be a great movie. "

Can't lose with Stephen King! You can follow Josh on Twitter, peruse his website, and visit Buckcherry's site, too!

Check out one of my fave Buckcherry songs here.

Check out some of Josh's acting, too!

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Sharon K. Mayhew said...

He's pretty spicy looking! (fans oneself)