Friday, June 13, 2014

Josh Todd

Photo from @jtbuckcherry
Josh Todd is the amazing frontman of rock band, Buckcherry. Buckcherry is known for their hit songs "Lit Up," "Crazy Bi@#$," "Sorry," and from their last album, "Gluttony."

Josh has appeared in movies such as "The Banger Sisters," "The Salton Sea" and "The New Guy." His TV guest appearances include The Shield and Bones. Buckcherry is currently touring Europe. Check here for tour dates. I've seen them eight times live; you need to check them out!

 Josh is also an avid reader.

What is Josh Todd reading?

Yesterday he tweeted, "Just finished "the good nurse" true story of Charles Cullen serial killer nurse, detectives are like rock stars to me, fascinating work."

You can follow Josh on Twitter and visit his website,

Here's me and Buckcherry earlier this year.

I love this song and video, "Dreaming of You." Great summer song! Take a listen.


DiscConnected said...

Buckcherry are a guilty pleasure for me-their lyrics tend to be a little sophomoric (at least for my age demographic), but the music is excellent.


Kamao Poot said...
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Kelly Polark said...

DiscConnected- I do really enjoy their music, but I love to see them live. Always a good show.