Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kip Winger

Kip Winger is best known as the lead singer of the multi-platinum selling rock band, Winger. Can you believe that Winger's debut album was released 25 years ago this month? This album included hits like "Seventeen" and "Headed for a Heartbreak." Kip actually started his career as bassist in Alice Cooper's band before Winger was formed. Kip has also recorded several solo albums including one classical album.  Kip is very involved with  Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp. Winger recently stated that a new Winger album, their sixth, is expected soon (which I will purchase of course). Kip occasionally tours with the Alan Parsons Live Project as lead singer, as a solo acoustic act, and with Winger.

What is Kip Winger reading?

I asked Kip last weekend what he likes to read. It will come as no surprise after reading his background that he reads music theory books. He is currently reading The Music of Bela Bartok by Elliot Antokoletz.  

Thank you, Kip!
You can follow Kip on Twitter, Like his Facebook page and visit him at http://www.kipwinger.com/.

Here's a photo of Kip and me in college and a photo from last weekend! His acoustic set was amazing!


DEZMOND said...

ooh, Bela Bartok is from my neighbouring Hungary! We even have his street in my city :)

DiscConnected said...

Interesting....you were taller than Kip in the college photo but are the same height now.

I've kept up with the CD releases but have never seen the band live.

In case ya didn't know, Kip also released an album a couple of years ago (Blackwood Creek) with his reformed pre-Winger band.


Jemi Fraser said...

Awesome pic of the 2 of you!! :)

Love when the stars are students of their art :)

Susan Oloier said...

You have so many incredible pictures, Kelly! You're a rock star yourself.

Kelly Polark said...

That is cool, Dezz!
LC- Glad to see you are up on these things! I need to check out that album. Your height comment made me giggle!
Jemi- I agree. Cool that he wants to study his art.
Thank you, Susan!!!

MusicLover said...

Lc, the college photo is a POSTER, hence the height difference.