Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Josh Todd

Photo by me
Josh Todd is the lead singer of hard rock band Buckcherry. Buckcherry is known for their hit songs "Lit Up," "Crazy Bi@#$," "Sorry," and their latest single, "Gluttony."  Buckcherry just released their sixth album, Confessions, today. I already purchased it! Josh tweeted this about the album, "Confesssions is a very personal record for me (like all BC records). I thought it was time to let our fans in to a deeper side of things."

Josh has appeared in movies such as "The Banger Sisters," "The Salton Sea" and "The New Guy." His TV guest appearances include The Shield and Bones. Buckcherry is currently touring with Kid Rock. Check here for tour dates. Todd is such an amazing frontman; you need to check them out live!

Josh is also an avid reader, and I recently asked him what he is currently reading.

What is Josh Todd reading?

Josh tweeted, "Finished Spillover now reading The Racketeer, Grisham."

 He also tweeted last week regarding Spillover, "Almost done with Spillover what I've learned: don't f@#* with bats, monkeys, or birds. HIV started in 1908 and H5N1 possible next pandemic."

Thanks, Josh!

You can follow Josh on Twitter and find out more about Buckcherry at www.buckcherry.com.

Check out their latest and very catchy song, "Gluttony."


C. Lee McKenzie said...

Wow! You are out and about with the famous, Kelly.

LTM said...

Look at you and Josh Todd!!! You're a superstar! :D

They're crazy! And it's cool to know they're readers. Rock on~ <3

DEZMOND said...

he sure likes his tattoos LOL

Susan Fields said...

Wow - he's multi-talented, isn't he? I'm taking microbiology right now, and it's got me thinking about pandemics and all that - scary stuff!

DiscConnected said...


Just found this blog-you left a comment on the "Missed Periods" blog today that I found amusing, so I thought I'd see if I liked yours.

Neat idea-my blog is all about music reviews, but I like how to plug the artist's latest release here but also give a glimpse into their reading habits.

Buckcherry are one of my guilty pleasures-love the music, although most of the lyrics are a little juvenile for me (said differently, I am old).