Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mark Tremonti

Mark Tremonti is one of the greatest guitarists ever. Mark is lead guitar in platinum selling rock band Creed as well as popular rock band Alter Bridge. Mark released his debut solo album titled All I Was with the band Tremonti in July.  Total Guitar magazine named Mark as the fourth greatest heavy metal guitarist of all time in 2011. Mark and his brother formed a website and record and production company called FRET 12 in 2008.

Tremonti is an avid reader so I recently asked him a few questions about books.

 I asked Mark if he preferred ereaders or traditional books. His answer, "I read the real thing, actual books."

What is Mark's last book read? I also asked him how many books he reads a year.

Tremonti tweeted, "I just finished "My Cross To Bear" by Greg Allman. I probably read about 15 to 20 a yr." 

Thank you, Mark! And also big thanks to him as I won a signed PRS Tremonti guitar at his concert recently. Does he rock or what?          

Check out a list of Mark's favorite books at the Artist Direct site here.

You can find out more about Mark at www.marktremonti.com . You can also follow him on Twitter.

Listen to his single "You Waste Your Time." It's awesome!


Susan Fields said...

Congratulations on your win! I love hearing about rockers who are also readers.

Susan Oloier said...

Kelly, you are so awesome! It's so great how you wind up being photographed with so many famous people, too!

DEZMOND said...

oh, you won a guitar? That will be a nice memorabilia one day! He seems cute.

Denise Maple said...

Great concert! Great guy!

LynNerdKelley said...

He's a great role model!

Wow, that's a pretty cool prize that you won. You look like a movie star! I'm subscribing by email.

Anita said...

I love the photo with you...your closet must be huge. And the dude sounds cool.