Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Matt Brady

Matt Brady is the bassist of rock band New Medicine. If you listen to rock, you've probably heard their songs "Laid" or "Race You to the Bottom" on the radio. New Medicine has toured with Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Hollywood Undead and more. I've seen them live a few times, and they are crazy awesome. New Medicine begins their new tour in March with Shinedown. Click here for tour dates. Check them out!
Brady is also a philanthropist and spends time in Ghana to support the non-profit organization, Joy 2 the World, which generates micro-credit loans for the women of Ghana to encourage independence and empowerment.
Yes, this beauty of a man plays a mean bass guitar, helps others, and he's an avid reader.
PhotobucketMatt was kind enough to tell me about his reading habits. I asked him if he reads on tour, if he reads on an e-reader, and about his favorite books. This is what the man said.
"Avg tour -- My favorite time to read a novel is when we're traveling on the road. I probably go through one every week or two, so for longer tours my suitcase begins to look like a bookshelf.

I read paper books. I'm anti-e-reader. I love buying used books because they all have a life of their own. I love the process of scouring a bookstore for rare finds. I love using bookmarks and I love the smell of the pages.

Favorite books... wow. Atlas Shrugged, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The World According to Garp, The Autobio of Malcolm X, East of Eden, The Story of B, The Brothers Karamazov...

Recently I discovered an author named Larry Brown, from Oxford Mississippi i think. He writes in the grand tradition of Faulkner-- multiple narrators, sparse language, only giving away little pieces at a time. I recommend Father & Son and Dirty Work."
Thanks, Brady! Wow is right. You can find out more about New Medicine at www.newmedicinerock.com and follow Brady on Twitter (@MatthewHBrady)!
Check out New Medicine's "Laid" video!


Susan Fields said...

He sounds like an amazing person! I haven't read any of his book choices, though I've certainly heard of them.

DEZMOND said...

never heard of him before, but he seems cute. And this is the first celeb to have an intelligent book choices. I love that he reads Dostoyevski! And you two looks super hot in that pic together :)

Laura Pauling said...

So cool, Kelly. And he looks pretty cute too!

Candyland said...


Christina Lee said...

Well that's just pushed up his coolness factor!

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

Impressive reading list. And I love that he's anti-e-reader and prefers used books.

Anita said...

Dude likes his books. This is my new fav post of Book Recs of the Rock and Famous!!! Will check out his tour schedule now. :)

Kelly Polark said...

Susan - Yes, amazing!
Dezz - You are too kind.
Laura - He's a cutie!
Candyland - Oh, have you heard of him?
Christina - Definitely.
Cynthia - Especially because he travels so much!
Anita - You are welcome to road trip here so we can see his band together!

LTM said...

Hey! Look at these guys geaux! and very cool all the books C'land's guy's read. ;p

thanks, Kelly <3

Suzanne Casamento said...

I think I'm in love. ;)

Theresa Milstein said...

I remember liking The World According to Garp. I read it when I was a teenager such a long time ago.

Denise Maple said...

Atlas Shrugged. Took me 6 months to read it, but it left an impression on me.