Friday, August 19, 2016

Jake Weary

Photo from @jakeweary Twitter

My go-to summer show was Animal Kingdom on TNT. It's a crazy cool show starring an amazing cast that includes Jake Weary as Cody brother, Deran. I first saw Jake as Kevin on Nickelodeon's silly Fred: The Movie (plus the two Fred sequels) and the Fred TV series. Weary also played Luke on As the World Turns and Vince on NBC's Chicago Fire among other television roles. You can still check out this crazy surfing crime family on Animal Kingdom on demand. Don't miss it as it will be back next year!

What is Jake Weary reading?

Jake recently tweeted, "Love this book. An addicting story with a cast of remarkably interesting characters. ."

The Heavenly Table: A Novel is written by  Donald Ray Pollock.
William J. Cobb of Dallas Morning News describes it as: "Like a hybrid masterwork of Quentin Tarantino and Flannery O'Connor, Donald Ray Pollock's second novel, The Heavenly Table, is a comic Southern Gothic romp, hell-bent on making the reader squirm and laugh, often at the same time...The literary feast the novel offers becomes its own heavenly table..."

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Check out his new single, "Heartless," on ITunes and Spotify!

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Sharon K. Mayhew said...

After that first picture I'm putting Animal Kingdom on my Netflix list!